(NEWSER) – Another big lead, but yet more frustration in the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Officials say a Thai satellite has detected "300 objects of various sizes" floating near the search area in the Indian Ocean, reports the AP. Another set of satellite images released yesterdayshowed 122 "potential objects"—but severe weather prevented planes from searching the area today, Reutersreports.

  • Some 11 military and civilian aircraft had been on the way to the area, but the forecast "was calling for severe icing, severe turbulence, and near-zero visibility," a US Navy spokesman says. "Anybody who's out there is coming home and all additional sorties from here are canceled."



  • The latest images, together with the possible debris field spotted by a French satellite, add to what the BBC calls "a growing body of circumstantial evidence" suggesting the flight came down in a remote part of the Indian Ocean—though the Boeing 777's black boxes could now be hundreds of miles away from any floating debris.

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