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(Gater 98.7 FM) Will there be anything new and shocking on Alice Cooper's upcoming fall tour?  If you consider twerking to be shocking, then the answer is no! What you can expect is a high energy show featuring 28 songs and one of the best bands in rock

Tyson from iHeartRadio station 98.7 Gater Rocks in West Palm Beach, FL caught up with Alice Cooper on Thursday about his tour, upcoming covers album (due out in spring 2014) and more.

And when you have a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer on the phone, you have to ask him who his 3 Nominees would be for the upcoming class, especially since in a couple of weeks the nomintaing committee will start working on the list for 2014. If Alice Cooper was on the committee, he says would nominate The Moody Blues, KISS, and Deep Purple.  He also mentioned Burt Bacharach!

Once more thing...his handicap on the golf course is currently 2!

Check out the interview below.