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Maybe the third time will be the charm for the Pixies when it comes to bass players. 

The band has announced Monday that bassist number three will be Paz Lenchatin, who previously played with A Perfect Circle, the Entrance Band, and Billy Corgan's Zwan. 

Lenchatin will be joining the Pixies on their upcoming North American trek, which starts January 15th in Toronto.  She's replacing the Muff's Kim Shattuck, who parted ways with the band last month. 

Shattuck said the departure was disappointing after a short tenure that started when founding bassist Kim Deal left earlier this year. 

But all this shuffling doesn't seem to be affecting the Pixies' spirit.  Drummer David Lovering said in a statement that working with different bass players is "very new for the band," but he says they're "having a great time doing it." 

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