I was a weird kid.

In second grade I became obsessed with Buddy Holly after seeing Marshall Crenshaw portray him in the movie "La Bamba". I dressed like him for halloween, I begged my folks to buy me horn-rimmed glasses and while my friends were"Hangin Tough" with the NKOTB to try and impress the girls in our class, I was trying to learn "That'll be the Day" on my 3/4 scale Peavey T-15 guitar...all this 30 years after Buddy Holly died in that Iowa plane crash. 

Looking back on this now, I'm pretty happy with 7 year old me. Weird is good. 

Remind your kids that standing outside of the party makes you wind-swept and interesting.

These third graders who covered Talking Head's "Once in a Lifetime" are weird.

Very Cool.