Can You Tell Which Of These Women Isn't Wearing Any Pants?

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You'd think it's pretty easy to tell if someone is naked but it turns out that's not always the case, and one woman proved it when she went shopping without any clothes on and no one noticed. 

Maria Luciotti had the aptly named Jen the Body Painter paint clothes on her body.

Who's wearing the painted clothes? 🤔 . 🔥My talented daughter and I painted fall fashion on our beautiful model @bodybyluciotti . 😰 We actually took her to the mall (basically naked 😏). . 📺 The full video gets released Friday, so make sure you turn on post notifications. (Click the vertical bar in top right) ↗ . . . #bodypaint #paintedclothing #letsgetnaked

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The painted jeans and shirt looked so real, that Maria was able to walk around a mall without anyone realizing she was essentially naked.   

Shopping "naked" at the mall? 😂 . 🔥We took our body painted model to the mall @bodybyluciotti . 🙈Comment #letsgetnaked in comments if you want to see the full video! . 🔔Follow @jenthebodypainter . . . #bodypaint #paintedclothes #shoppingnaked

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It's not Jen's first time painting clothes on women, and each time she does it looks like the real thing.   

Who's wearing the painted clothes? 🤔 . ✈ Had an amazing time in Hollywood painting clothing on our beautiful model @rachelclugston (center). . 👧My talented daughter Kennedy helped paint the top and I painted the jeans @kennedyclairewalsh (left). . 🔔Follow me to see more crazy projects! @jenthebodypainter . . . #bodypaint #la #paintedclothes #art #hollywood

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**PLEASE READ** . I started body painting 10 years ago as a single mom of 3 young kids. Never did I think my work would evolve into something that is shared around the globe! . I am so amazed! Our painted clothing project has went viral with a combined 6 million views and it is still growing! . The project has been featured on People Style, New York Post, Daily Mail, LADbible, and dozens of other media outlets all over the globe. . I feel like i'm dreaming and this all would not be possible without my super start team: @kennedyclairewalsh @corywolberg @swolvietunion @brandonwalsh . Featured in this picture is our beautiful model @trishiaxpaula . This was part 2 of our painted clothes in mall series! . 🔔Please turn on post notifications, we have some crazy body paint projects coming out next week! ↗ . . . #bodypaint #letsgetnaked

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It certainly saves on laundry!


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