Green Day's Secret Band The Network Perform For First Time Since 2005

The Network, who is definitely not Green Day in disguise, brought their new music to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday night (February 26), marking their first performance since 2005.

The masked group played "Threat Level Midnight" (shout out to The Office fans out there!) off Money Money 2020 Part 2: Told Ya So! — their first album in nearly two decades. They performed from a remote location designed to look like a '70s talk show set, complete with its own host and station name (The Network Network), and what ensued was pure, utter chaos. Before the song began, singer Fink broke a glass in his hand. By the end of the performance, the whole set was wrecked.

You can watch it all go down above. (Watch out for a split-second hint at their true identities when a clip from Green Day's "Here Comes The Shock" video flashes on the screen.)

The real Green Day was supposed to spend 2020 on the road with Weezer and Fall Out Boy, but like so many other artists, their plans got derailed by the pandemic. Rescheduled Hella Mega Tour dates were announced for summer 2021 (assuming live music can resume by then).

Photo: Warner Records