WATCH: Woman Sets World Record For Crushing Watermelons Between Her Thighs

With this heat wave sitting over New England, ice cold watermelon sounds like a refreshing treat. Have you ever tried to crush one though? They're like little green tanks!

GRRRL Clothing opened on Saturday in downtown Las Vegas, and as part of the grand opening celebration, the store's founder Kortney Olson reclaimed the world record for the fastest time to crush three watermelons between her thighs. Most stores just have a sale or some balloons, customers got to see fruit explode!

This is not an easy task, it takes 364 pounds of force to crush a watermelon. Olson, who is also a bodybuilder and personal trainer, said the old record was 14 seconds, held by Ukrainian strongwoman Olga Liaschuk. She destroyed that record by smashing the melons in 7.63 seconds!

Check it out...