Video: Dog Pukes Up Owner's Sex Toy At The Vet, Everyone Loses It...

The Dog Ate My Homework!!!

Photo: Getty Images

Via As dog owners, we've seen them hork up all kinds of nasty things. Our dog Molly loved socks so much, we had to have surgery TWICE to have them removed from her stomach.

This vet and her assistant were caught by surprise when this Rottweiler was brought in because she had swallowed, "something." After giving the dog medication to help her vomit out the offending object, she pukes up a pink vibrator while the vet says, "we're good," her assistant retches as she says, "seriously?" and the owner celebrates with a, "woo-hoo!"

Other Reddit users shared their vet stories with one writing,

"My mom runs a non-profit small dog organization. A woman contacted her asking for financial assistance for her dog. Her dog was vomiting anything it ate and wasn't pooping. My mom was all on board and got a vet scheduled. An x-ray revealed a large blockage in the stomach. They had surgery done and it was revealed that several condoms were stuck in the dog's stomach. It was taken care of and the dog was back to normal. My mom told the owner of the problem and she said, "My husband and I don't use condoms..."

Here's the video. If dogs puking up hot dogs and vibrators bothers you, be forewarned... Click below.

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